CAM Groups Assignment Not updated when logging into TM1 via Arc



At a client, we are using CAM SSO with Cognos groups for security assignment.

All Cognos groups have been imported into TM1. However, when I am added to a new Cognos group, logging into TM1 via Arc doesn’t seem to update the }ClientGroup cube with the assignment.

When logging in via Architect/Perspectives, the Cognos groups assignment is updated with the new Cognos group assignment and then Arc also reflects that assignment.

Is there a way to trigger the Cognos group assignment update in arc?

The client is using PA 2.0.8 with arc v2.0.1 on Prod environment and v2.2.0 on Dev and UAT environments but both exhibit the same behaviour.


Hi @Sb5,

Arc doesn’t do anything special, just provides the credentials to log in to TM1. I am not exactly sure what isn’t happening?

Hi @tryan

The issue that I’m having is that when we add a user to a Cognos group in CA, that assignment of new group isn’t reflected when user log in via arc.

For example, say user 1 is assigned to Group A and Group B in Cognos. Groups A & B are imported into TM1.

When user 1 logs into TM1 using Arc, the assignment to Group A and B isn’t reflected in TM1.
But when user logs into TM1 using Architect or Perspectives, the assignment to Group A and B is reflected immediately.

Hope this clarifies the issue a bit more

Sounds like a bug in the REST API, has anyone seen similar issues with Canvas (@plim) or UX (@aalex, @cw-ch)?

So far, no issue-related-ticket yet from the Canvas side.



That is our experience as well.

Logging via Canvas does refresh the security group assignments but not via arc

Hi @Sb5,

You will need to create the steps to replicate that as Arc and Canvas log in the same way. There is no mechanism via the API to refresh groups, it just happens (or not in your case). Are you logging in exactly the same way in both cases? i.e . either using a user name/password or is it through the CAM gateway in one case?

Hi @tryan

Sorry for the late response. Both Canvas and Arc are authenticating via CAM.

The only difference is that Canvas is using SSO whereas Arc we have to manually type in the credentials.

Sounds like that is the issue. We have no control or access to the groups in CAM so it sounds like you need to login through the CAM gateway.

Hi @tryan

Forgive my ignorance.

When we put in the CAM Namespace into the arc login screen, is that not going through the CAM gateway?

Given that we are using CAM, doesn’t logging into TM1 automatically go through the CAM Gateway?

It sends the request through TM1 to CAM, when you use the gateway via SSO the login is redirected to the CAM gateway web page. You login in there and are redirected back to application.

I see. In that case, it means arc is functioning as intended. It’s just how to login is handled that is causing this issue.

I think that is right, we don’t doing anything when logging in so TM1 must handle them differently.

I understand. Thanks @tryan

Hi @Sb5, what is the behaviour for new users?
Normally in cam security, when you try to logon with a user that does not exist in TM1, the user is created in TM1. Is this same behaviour through arc as well? or REST api returns an error.
(There is a parameter called CreateNewCAMClients to manage this)