Cafe Support on Pulse

Hi there,

Noted that Pulse is supporting Cafe logging, is it Extend that we need to install and it would automatically identified the Cafe workbook usage?

Or is there any other steps that is different to Perspective logging?



Hi Tat,

From Pulse monitor you can see users using CAFE / PAx only because of the user sessions Pulse is getting from TM1 Top API.

Extend currently does not support CAFE / PAx.



Oh? Alright, I thought Extend is already supporting Cafe logging and able to identify the Excel type being used, that’s good to know…

Hopefully the Cafe monitoring can be out soon.

Hi Vincent - are you sure? I thought Extend did support CAFE logging??

Thanks Scott you are right,

I just checked and CAFE Excel logging is supported since Extend v4.3.36

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Hi Vincent,

The link has expired.



You should download v4.3.44. It includes v4.3.36 features.

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