C level element for HyperLink to change filters

I have created a pie chart and a grid, and I want data in the grid will be changed accordingly when clicking segment in the pie chart.

I have turn ON for “HyperLink to change filters” in pie chart column, and this is working when I click N level elements, but not working if I click a C level element. Any ideas how should I get it work? Thanks!

same “Employee” dimension used in the two widgets:

hyperlink only changes when clicking N level, but not working when clicking C level:

@kwong , what is happening when you are clicking on the C-level element in the graph? By default, UX drills down from C-Level to N-Level when you click on the graphs but there are some Adv Options to disable this behavior (in which case the click-to-filter should work). Have you tried to disable the “chartsDrillable” parameter and see if that helps?


when chartsDrillable is enabled, the pie chart can be drilled when clicking C level, but the grid is not filtered with the C level element
when chartsDrillable is disabled, the pie chart can’t be drilled when clicking C level, and the grid is filtered with the C level element
so in conclusion drill and filter for C level can only exist one functionality at the sane time?

Hi @kwong yes that is correct. You need to choose what you want the behaviour when clicking C elements in charts. You can either drill down on the element in the chart or you can change the filter value to the clicked element, but you can’t do both.

I might be wrong but I think I’ve requested to split the functions to left-click and right-click when both options are activated.