Broken folding

In 0.9.7 the code folding for both rules & TI is broken. Will this be fixed in the next update?

It works for me. You need to provide an example of it not working and post it to Github. Please provide all of the objects that are required for the rule to compile. To make it easier the rule/TI should be the small example.

If it is simple enough we will include the fix but the priority is getting the payment/licensing working.

In TI editor no folding is working at all.

In Rule editor IF folding is working but Region/endRegion isn’t. (issue 113)

Hi @cw-ch,

This was actually reported before and should be fixed as of 0.9.8 (see: and

Hi @prajtar,

Thanks for that, I thought we had already released the fix but 0.9.8 isn’t out! I have been too busy trying to get all of the licensing side of things fixed. We will release a new version later in the week.