Best way to integrate Fontawsome 5

Hello there,

what would be the recommended way to include fontawsome 5 into a Canvas app, rather than the packaged fontawsome 4.7? I just explored a little bit and fontawsome recommends not to mix the two versions, so this seems to be a no go. Are there plans to switch to a newer fontawsome release in future Canvas releases?

If there is no better idea, I would just try to remove 4.7 references and include the version 5 files along with the “compatibility” styles for version 4 (as recommended by fontawsome in such cases of slow migrations). However, I’m concerned here when it comes to upgrading the core Canvas product…

Any suggestions how to proceed?


Hi @andreas.franke,

We would recommend staying with version 4. Version 5 has breaking changes and I would only use it on a new project. There is no easy way to upgrade to fontawesome 5 at the moment. We have plans to separate all of the components so you can add/remove libraries but a number of the directives depend on version 4 of fontawesome.

Dear Tim,

thanks for your suggestion and clear advice. So I will skip my idea and instead include some image files instead.