Backward compatibility of UX Content Stores

I’m relatively confident that this is the case, but is the UX content store backwards-compatible between different UX releases? It appears that the new UX releases w/ content store updates usually involve adding more objects/attributes to the content store instance. If so, there shouldn’t be any reason a new content store version wouldn’t work with an older UX webapp? (e.g., v2021.10 beta CS paired with v2021.07 webapp). Obviously this is excluding releases with fundamental content store changes.

I am asking in the context of (a) being able to easily downgrading between versions (if needed) or (b) having a shared content store between different webapp versions for testing purposes. Thanks!

Yes this isn’t a problem as long as we aren’t talking about downgrading to UX 2.x

Between all the 2020.xx and 2021.xx versions there should be no issue running a newer content store with older webapp. So yes to backwards compatibility. Obviously not awlays the other way round when something has been added to the CS to support a new feature.

@cw-ch thank you for for confirming this!