Auto-populate User Name and Date fields when an entry is made in Grid

Hi All,

I have a fairly simple control panel dashboard that allows users to update flags that turn on/off jobs and lock and unlock planning scenarios. If possible, when a user modifies one of the flags in the Input field I would like to automatically input their username and the current timestamp into two additional measures for tracking purposes.

Does anyone have any examples or advice on how to go about triggering automatic data entry based on a change in a particular cell?


Hi Mike,

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As it happens “cell triggers” is a feature which is already on the roadmap and is something we plan to start working on for the next release (no promises). How it would work is that in the advanced options you would define a cell or range of cells where user driven input changes would be “listened” for. Upon detection of a change a javascript function would be called. The javascript function has access to all Canvas tm1-ui directives so it could do anything you like really, write to cells with dbr, call a TI process, etc. Defining the range of calls would work in the same way as how conditional formatting works.

Of course cell triggers don’t exist yet. However, you could create the javascript function and provided the screen is part of a wizard you could set the javascript callback function to run on the “Next Step” navigation on that page. The limitation here is that the function wouldn’t be specific to individual cells but would be for the whole page.

Based on the requirements you described, my recommendation would actually be to solve this more inside the TM1 model itself by adding a workflow step where the user needs to click a “Submit” or “Validate” button which runs a TI process. The TI process can take the context of the screen and scan the “flag cells” and at the same time check the timestamp validation cells; if they already contain values skip, else enter the timestamp.

(Once cell triggers is implemented then a more seamless solution would be to have a javascript function automatically call the TI process when a change to the flag cells is detected.)