}async folder in backup

After upgrading to TM1 and Pulse 6, we’re noticing the }async folders on our servers are getting overloaded with tons of files. It also takes a significant amount of time to unzip the backups.
We updated our backup script for our models to exclude the }async folder. However, the ApliqoUX backup script is not set to exclude this folder and it’s seems somewhat complex to change ourselves. I also question whether I should as any further upgrades would likely overwrite my changes. And I would think that other people would have this same issue, and Cubewise would have already compensated for this.

Is anyone else having these same issues with the }async folder getting too large? I know TM1 cleans up the folder itself, especially on restart. However, we conduct our backups live, as does the UX content store backup process, and we seem to get a couple new files ranging from 1-8kb’s every second. For the UX content store’s }async folder, it currently has over 117k files, all no more than a day old, and totalling 46mb’s.

Is there anyway to easily change the ApliqoUX backup process to exclude this folder?

Hi @dmiller
It should be anything but complex to exclude the files in the }async directory. All you need to do is edit the APQ.ContentStore.Backup chore and change the value for the pExclude parameter to include hdr and res files (plus anything else you don’t want backed up).

E.g. add to the end of the pExclude string the following …

-x!*.hdr -x!*.res

I will note this as an enhancement for future releases but you should have no trouble to apply this as a local fix in the meantime.