Assign Homepage at a Group level

Apliqo Version: 2023.02

Hi Team - My current project has a requirement to have two different home pages or landing page for users and Admins, they are both part of different AD groups. I see there is an option to set Home Page for users however can I add it for a group so any user belonging to a specific group lands in their respective home page to avoid the overhead of configuring home pages for new users. Can this be controlled using security i.e. restricting user access to Admin Home page?

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I understood your point. This is not what exactly you want, but, we created a landing page for a customer which directs related groups to different sections by 2 buttons as below.

Hi @rkuma145 ,

Maybe not an “official” way of doing, but What if you create a TI that checks the User groups and add the home page based on that on the }APQ UX UserPreference cube in the Content Store instance?
You can then schedule this to run from time to time or add a button on UX for someone to trigger it.

I say as a TI because even with UX content store upgrades, the process will not be deleted…

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In Relation to Security of Apps… you can definitely apply security to groups, picking which pages the group would be able to see or not on the UI.
In the back-end it is just a Element Security to the UX App Dimension, but UX already provide a way of maintaining this via some auxiliar cubes, which is nice.

The basic concept is in the manual:

You can do everything from the UI in UX, clicking on the “Orange tool box”, then Maintenance:

On app Security sub-step, you can set which groups have access to certain pages, etc…

Hope this helps!

If you are using v 2023.02 then the feature of assigning homepage to groups already exists.

Just select the homepage to assign to each group and then click the “Push Homepage to Users” button. There is also a priority field which is used to determine which homepage to assign to a user in the case that they belong to multiple groups having a homepage assignment.

Note that the sync to user settings happens via TI process. So if you have an application with high user count and frequent addition of new users then you could schedule a chore in the contentStore instance running the TI }APQ.UX.GroupHomepage.User.Set. There’s no risk to running this process frequently as if a user has set their own homepage this will always take priority to the group homepage setting.


Hi @cw-ch I don’t see the Group Homepage app under any of the admin apps on 2023.02 or 05 Beta.
Is this a more recent version of the content store?

It looks like the installer wasn’t updated when this feature was introduced in the June release last year! Will fix for May release. You can also update the toolkit app with the attached export.
a99_Export_}ElementAttributes_}APQ UX (63.2 KB)
(Note it is a 7z file but the forum only allows upload of zip)

Does something similar also exist for the default settings? Assign user defaults per dimension from User Groups?

Nope. But it would be a straightforward enhancement. You want to request it?

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Thanks, I have managed to import the application however experiencing some issues with security.

I can only see one group in “Group Homepage” because my “Notification User” dimension is getting overwritten whenever I hit the “Push Homepage to Users” button. I have verified that all my groups are added within the }APQ UX Group dimension as well as }Groups dimension within the Content Store instance. Additionally I was hoping to see all the groups available in instances.json file from other instances as well however can only see the default Admin Group from the non content store instances. Please refer attachment for details.

Additionally, can you please advise on the sequence of steps involved in adding a group to Content Store, shall I add the group in the }Groups dimension first or in }APQ UX Group Dimension? how can I ensure that “Notification User” dimension dimension doesn’t get overwritten while hitting " Push Homepage to Users button".

Thank you in advance.

The group homepage assignment uses the notification user dimension as this dimension holds group>client relationshiips which enables a message to be broadcast to all members of a selected group. The same mapping structure is re-used to set the group homepage to all members of a group.

The notification user dimension relies on the }APQ UX Instance ClientGroups cube which holds the client/group relationships of all connected instances. Provided the metadata sync has been performed! From your description it is clear that the metadata sync has never been done and therefore I presume users are simply added manually to the }Clients dimension in the contentStore?

If you run the metadata sync so that }APQ UX Client, }APQ UX Group & }APQ UX Instance ClientGroups are all up to date then }APQ Notification User will also be updated properly.