Arc: when running as a service, does not save TI file


we are not able to save changes to TIs from Arc when running as a service. If we run the executable file, it works as normal for the same user. User is an admin to the server.

Edit: Saving a TI within the server works well (Using both local host and fully qualified path).

Hi @dxspg ,

The only difference I would see between running arc.exe and running Arc as a service would be the security on the server. You could try to set up an admin account to run the Windows service instead of using Local System, try to use the same account which is running the TM1 services.



Hi Vincent,

Thanks for the response. I have tried the suggestion but no luck yet. Below are the changes, I made to setup the test case.

  • set up service account as local admin to the server as well as granted full access on data folder (just in case).
  • Arc service is now running as service account.
  • Confirming the service account is an admin in tm1 server too.
  • I have logged in as service account in Arc from local desktop, I can still duplicate the issue.


This is a bit odd, it is your TM1 session creating the process but I can see that a support ticket has been created, we’ll investigate this on the ticket and we’ll post the solution here.



Thanks Vincent.

Hi @dxspg

Could you please create a new issue in GitLab, so you could upload files and add your comments there? I would like to see HAR files from chrome network tab (Dev Tools) after you save a process or rule.


Hi Andrey.

I have created an issue in GitLab and attached HAR file.