ARC - Unable to login

Hi everyone,

I have setup arc on my local machine and have pointed the admin host to where the server is located.
I can see the list of servers when I run arc, however I’m unable to login into either one. I’m getting the error “Login credentials are invalid”.

Hi @vdad126 ,

We need more information.

Which TM1 security are you using (Native, CAM, Windows SSO, IBM ID)?

If you’re using CAM Security, below is the help article showing you what you need to do:



Thanks, Vincent. I followed the steps in the article you shared, but couldn’t get it to work.
Got this error:

Also, this is what i have in the configuration. There’s no namespace defined as such.

Hi @vdad126 ,

Could you please confirm that your CAM configuration is working with another tool (Architect, PAW or TM1 Web) to your TM1 instance?



Hi @Vincent,

Yes, PAW and Architect works fine.

Hi @vdad126 ,

Well if it is working for PAW and Architect then it should work with Arc. We can help you to review your configuration for Arc. Please create a ticket here: Issues · Cubewise CODE / Arc and Slice · GitLab

We need this information:

  • screenshot of the IBM Cognos Application firewall
  • screenshot of the variables_TM1.xml
  • screenshot of the error when you click on the login button in Arc.

Hi @Vincent, I’m unable to login to the GitLab. Getting the below error:

Your account has been approved, you can login now.

Thanks @Vincent . I’ve created a ticket (#2536).