Arc / Slice Subset Editor questions


I have a couple of questions on the Subset Editor in Arc. Not sure if there is an FAQ or documentation to answer these.

  1. What does the “All Elements” right click option do? I thought it would be the same as the button on the toolbar, but it doesn’t seem to be.

  2. If an element is displayed multiple times (same or different MUN) and I select the duplicates to remove, it removes all occurrences of the element. Is there a way to just remove the duplicates?

Hi Roy,

It looks like there is a bug in v4 as the All Elements option does not do anything. Could you please help create a ticket for this?

These shortcuts will update the MDX. If you want to understand what they do, you could have a look at the MDX after clicking on the button.



Arc doesn’t offer it yet but you can vote for my enhancement request for a remove duplicates button in the subset editor

Until this gets implemented you can manually edit the MDX and just wrap the Distinct() function around the entire set. If there are any duplicates then only the first instance will be kept.

However, be aware that the Distinct function works on members NOT elements. Duplicate members with the same MUN will be removed but if you have duplicate elements which are identified with different MUNs due to a different rollup path these won’t be seen as duplicates (becasue from a MDX perspective they aren’t.)

If this is wrapped in Distinct there will still be 2 members in the set as there are 2 unique rollup paths to the element 2023.


Regarding removing duplicates in Arc Subset Editor, rather than selecting and removing duplicates, sometimes I just select the members I want to keep (including one of the duplicate members) and use the Keep button. This, of course, only makes sense with smaller sets.