Arc + Office365 with MfA

Hi All,
I have a TM1 model where I’m using Office365 to log in. In Architect and Apliqo UX all works good. The customer also has Arc, but here the situation is a bit complicated.

When I try to connect to TM1 via Arc with my own user (enabled Multi-factor Authentication) I see a login error message for a second and Arc doesn’t log me in.

However, when I do the same using a service account (disabled MfA), I’m successfully logged into the model.

Does Arc support Multi-factor Authentication in Office365? If yes, how to enable it? If not, what’s the workaround?


You should use Gateway to login.

Hi @twong,
that helps.

However I still face the “The forward URL does not exist or it has failed validation. Ensure that a valid forward URL is specified.” error. Of course I added the URL to all 3 files:

  • variables_tm1.xml
  • planning.html
  • tm1web.html

Is there any other place I need to configure?


Hi @mmioduski ,

Did you follow this step?

Arc needs to setup a little different than traditional CAM.



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Awesome @twong
somehow I missed this document. It works now!