Arc not saving rules on certain cubes

Hi all,

Just came across a strange “bug”.

I was using Arc (v1.6) to work on a rule file for some cubes and each time I click on the “save” button, it just flashes and it didn’t save the changes.

When I tried to close rule file, Arc prompted me whether I wanted to save my changes and after clicking the “save” button, nothing happens. It kept prompting me to save but it never works.


After playing around with it a bit more, I came across a pattern.
It only does not save the rule files on cubes with “%” in the cube name. It saves ok on all the other cubes.

Is this a known issue?


Hi @AndrewW,

You should upgrade, 1.6 is very old and we don’t support it. If you still have issues on the latest 1.10.1 we will look into it.