Arc: How do I create security objects?

Hi there,

I am trying to create }CubeSecurity, }DimensionSecurity, }ProcessSecurity cubes, at the moment, seems like the only way to do it is either via writing TI process, or via writing the CubeCreate function in Arc Console.

Is there any easier GUI way to create these objects?



Hi Tat,

Have you tried the Security module in Arc? It is very helpful as it gathers all the security management tasks into one module.

You can find it under Administration:

In Arc, these security cubes are automatically created when you update the security of a group, you just need to change the security for one object for example if you update the security from N to R for a dimension as below:

After clicking the Save button, TM1 will create the cubes because Arc will update the security:





Oh…Got it! Thanks!

I was on that page, just wasn’t aware about the procedure to get those objects created.