Arc for TM1 - Release 0.9.7


HTTPS/SSL support has been added to Arc so you can run the server with the added security of end-to-end encryption. There are three new parameters in the Arc settings to configure SSL: usessl, sslhostname and useletsencrypt. A full description of these can be found in the settings.sample.yml file.

By default with usessl set to true Arc will generate self-signed SSL certificates, when using this setting you will receive a warning in your browser. It is safe to ignore this warning but it is recommended that you generate your own certificates using a valid certificate authority.

SSL and Let’s Encrypt

Arc supports the Let’s Encrypt service for generating valid SSL certificates that are free of charge. This option can only be used if you are using a publicly accessible URL for the Arc server. This means it must be on the internet not the intranet as the Let’s Encrypt service must be able to contact your site to validate the ownership of your domain name.


  • Added support for running the Arc server using SSL. It supports self-signed certificates, custom certificates and Let’s Encrypt.
  • You can now override the snippet and function files used in the auto-complete list:


A full list of fixes are here:



If you find an issue in Arc please create a issues on our Github page ( with the following details:

  • Version of Arc (get this from the Arc About/Info page)
  • Version of TM1 (get this from the Arc Configuration page under Administration)
  • Browser and version
  • Step by step details of how to replicate the issue
  • Provide as many screenshots as possible.