Arc for TM1 - Release 0.9.5 / 0.9.6

Cube Viewer

The new cube viewer supports both native and MDX views. A native view is the name of the standard view you have been used to using in TM1 for many years. These views do not support the new multiple hierarchies and are essentially deprecated. Arc supports reading native views but you cannot save a native view.

MDX views were added to TM1 to support multiple hierarchies, these views contain a single MDX statement. The Arc cube viewer is based on MDX, each time you drag/drop a hierarchy or select a set of elements the MDX is updated and executed against the TM1 model.

You can save MDX views with Arc, these views can be used in the newer TM1 interfaces such as PAX and PAW.

When saving a MDX view Arc also saves the “view definition” as part of the view. If the MDX is updated outside of Arc (or Canvas) you will need to update edit the MDX manually. Clear the MDX statement to revert to the drag/drop interface. We have plans to add an MDX parser to Arc in the future to handle this scenario.

Subset Editor

Like the cube viewer, the Arc subset editor is built to generate MDX set expressions. Most of the functionality should be familiar to what you have experienced in Architect or Perspectives: all elements, filtering, ordering, etc. There is no Record Expression option as the Arc subset editor is always recording the MDX expression. You can edit the MDX expression manually.

The Arc subset editor tests the MDX expressions by executing a query against the }ElementAttributes cube of the dimension. This means that any dimension that you want to use the subset editor against must have at least on attribute. Arc will prompt you to create one if it doesn’t exist.



Details of issues fixed in 0.9.5 release:

Details of issues fixed in 0.9.6 release:



If you find an issue in Arc please create a issues on our Github page ( with the following details:

  • Version of Arc (get this from the Arc About/Info page)
  • Version of TM1 (get this from the Arc Configuration page under Administration)
  • Browser and version
  • Step by step details of how to replicate the issue
  • Provide as many screenshots as possible.

Hi all,

There have been a couple of fixes to the cube viewer, this post has been edited rather than creating new release notes. You can download the update from here: