Arc for TM1 - Release 0.9.4


  • Add active user dialog so you know who you are logged in as


  • Added ELSEIF to list of key words
  • Fixed Step Over logic when ExecuteProcess is on multiple lines
  • Change success message for cloning a process to Cloned from Saved
  • Fix login dialog for CAM when a session times out
  • Add Numeric/StringGlobalVariable to function list
  • Add CubeDimensionCountGet to function list
  • Add SubsetElementExists to function list
  • Fix adding a new element “as a Child”
  • Allow changes to component weight to be saved in hierarchy editor
  • Fix creating of new objects after session timeout

Details of issues fixed in this release:



If you find an issue in Arc please create a issues on our Github page ( with the following details:

  • Version of Arc (get this from the Arc About/Info page)
  • Version of TM1 (get this from the Arc Configuration page under Administration)
  • Browser and version
  • Step by step details of how to replicate the issue
  • Provide as many screenshots as possible.
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