Arc for TM1 - Release 0.9.3


  • Sample settings file renamed to settings.sample.yml.
  • Added LogOutput to list of functions.
  • Auto indenting of code inside code blocks, i.e. IF, WHILE, etc.
  • Add dimensions (i.e. !Version) to rule editor auto-complete.
  • Allow underscore and other valid non-ASCII characters in rule editor dimension highlighting.
  • Change menu search to use simple contains instead of fuzzy search.
  • Save/update breakpoint expressions while debugging.
  • Deactivate chores while saving then reactivate if required.
  • Add search to new cube dialog.
  • Add chore execute plugin.
  • Plugins are now stored in a public repository: GitHub - cubewise-code/arc-plugins: A collection of plugins for Arc for TM1, the ultimate developer tool for TM1 and Planning Analytics


  • Code folding / syntax error in rule file when IF block is deleted.
  • Selection of chores in Chores page.
  • Breakpoint duplicate key issue.
  • The replacement of text when using auto-complete and text is selected.
  • The handling of session timeouts when using CAM to show namespace box.
  • Cutting of consolidations in the hierarchy editor.
  • Logo issues in IE.
  • Reset the undo history after loading a rule and TI.
  • Log errors from HTTP server to arc.log.

Details of issues fixed in this release: Pull requests · cubewise-code/arc-issues · GitHub



If you find an issue in Arc please create a issues on our Github page (Pull requests · cubewise-code/arc-issues · GitHub) with the following details:

  • Version of Arc (get this from the Arc About/Info page)
  • Version of TM1 (get this from the Arc Configuration page under Administration)
  • Browser and version
  • Step by step details of how to replicate the issue
  • Provide as many screenshots as possible.