Arc + CAM

I installed Arc 0.9.4 on a TM1 10.2.2 FP7 server that uses CAM security (IntegratedSecurityMode=5). When logging in TM1 I am asked for user and password and can authenticate with no problem in both format “domain\user” or just “user”.

When I try to do the same in Arc I get the message below.


Any idea what is wrong?

Hi @cpopa,

My guess is your namespace or credentials are incorrect. The namespace needs to match the Namespace Id in Cognos Config. There is no magic, Arc passes through the credentials you provide to TM1 using the appropriate Authorization header.

Unfortunately TM1 doesn’t give any details of why the login failed, it could be an incorrect namespace, user name or password or that the number of failed login attempts have been exceeded.

Don’t forget that NamespaceID is case sensitive.

@cpopa try checking the login credentials and CAM namespace which are set in Pulse. If the CAM connection works fine in Pulse it has to work in Arc as well.