Arc 4 and Pulse 6.2 integration


I am trying to setup Arc&Pulse integration, but got some issue now,

  • Arc config

got issue in some instances, they are all under the same admin host,
some instances are showing in RED and “was not found in Pulse”, confirmed instance credentials are well defined in Pulse already,

Any idea or if some config is missed?

Hi @vhsieh ,

The TM1 instance name in Arc should match the instance name in Pulse. Could you please check if the instance names with a red dot have the same name in Pulse?

More information in the following information: Connecting Arc to Pulse - Cubewise CODE



Hi @Vincent ,

Instances name in Arc and in Pulse are totally the same, and I defined the connection in Arc with admin host way, didn’t define it with “connection” and assign another name for instances

Thanks @vhsieh ,

Could you please create a ticket so we can have a closer look at the instance names and the logs?



Hi @vhsieh, is it possible your tm1s files for the disconnected instances have quotes (or other characters) around the ServerName property?

We recently discovered that quotes stop Arc from matching the instance correctly in Pulse.

Success: ServerName = TM1 Instance
Error: ServerName = "TM1 Instance"

This will be fixed in the next version of Arc, but for now the work-around is to remove quotes from the tm1s.cfg file.

Hi @harvey ,

We had a meeting with CODE team, it’s the double quote that caused error indeed, they will get it fixed.

It’s good to have it on the forum for anyone searching :wink:


Just had some testing, looks like this issue still occurs in Arc v4.1.0, or it’s not fixed in this version yet?

*upgraded Pulse to v6.2.1 as well


Sorry Vincent but this fix hasn’t been included in v4.1.0, we’ll make sure it gets to the next one. For now the work-around is to remove quotes from the tm1s.cfg file.