Arc 4.0+ with IBMid Authentication in Pulse


We just installed Pulse 6.2.0 and Arc 4.0 at a clients who has PA SaaS.

For their Pulse authentication, they are using IBMid for authentication. What do we enter for Pulse credentials?

We tried using the IBMid credentials we have to access the client’s PA SaaS environment but returned with an error.

What do we do?

Hi Ben,

Login to Pulse within Arc with IBM ID is not supported with Arc v4.0.0. We already have a ticket for this. We will plan to include this in the next release.



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Is there any way to stop Arc trying to authenticate to Pulse each time the browser tab is activated? It gets pretty old pretty fast. I’m guessing the only way is to comment out the pulseurl in the settings.yml?

Hi Scott,

There is a setting called “Pulse Login on Start”:

Have you tried to untick it?

Yes. Even with this unchecked the logon window pops up every 5 minutues (it seems) or every time the tab is activated.
I have now commented out the pulseurl and restarted the arc service which seems the only way to fix it.

You can also click on the Pulse icon in the top right of the Arc page and then select disconnect.

Once you disconnect, the Pulse icon will appear grey and won’t prompt you for credentials

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Thanks Vincent

The login should not be popping up like you describe. If you haven’t already, please create a ticket on the support site and the team will assist you.

To temporarily disable Pulse integration, you can also set the following property in the settings.yml:
hidepulseintegration: true