Apply word-wrap in rowFormat

Do we have a className available in UX that switches on word-wrap for specific rows?
If not, what is another way to achieve this without having to put the comments measures in a text box?

Fixed it… created a custom class: .handsontable td.beaubreak{white-space: pre-wrap!important}
And set the row format in the advanced options:
“rowFormat”: {
“Project Description”: [
“className”: “beaubreak”

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What does the css code for the custom class look like?


I named the custom class beaubreak.


Can I store the class name for the cell in an attribute as well so I don’t need to hardcode it?

Hi Luc, correct way of applying word-wrapping! Good on you for figuring it out. Yes, you can apply rowFormat based on an attribute as well - you find it in the documentation:

"rowFormat": {
            {"condition":"<=", "value":"100", "className":"red"},

So you basically just leave the row element name blank and then apply an attribute (the name does not have to be “rowClass”, can be any.


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I am busy creating custom table that will have long text fields. I have created the custom style as below in the _custom-style.scss file

//Cell Word Wrap cell
.handsontable .wraptext {white-space: normal;}

Text in the settings for my table

But it is not wrapping the text, where am I going wrong with this?

I applied my changes to the “custom-style.css” file in the “apq-c3-custom\css” folder, not to the scss file.

scss needs to be compiled into css via running a Gulp job

Thanks for the help, got it to work with help of the article from ubozkurt help with understanding it.