applicationLogin ($tm1Ui)



I’m looking for some clarification for the “cam” variable in the applicationLogin component of $tm1Ui:

What value is it expecting? I tried the namespace, but it ignores the username and password values and logs me in with the existing passport (the user logged into the main application), I am attempting to use the above to authenticate to a different TM1 instance, via CAM, with different credentials - the secondary instance exists in instances.json along with the main TM1 instance.

It works fine with mode 1, so I think I’m getting the “cam” parameter wrong?



Hi @jtuckerman,

It is the case-sensitive CAM namespace. When you say it logs you in with an existing passport is that a different user?



Hey Tim,

The namespace is just “AD”, so no probs with case.

I fetch the details from the main TM1 instance (user, password, namespace), then it errors on that login attempt, and then uses the CAM token that is already logged in to the main instance.

This obviously logs me in, but as the main user, and not as the user I want to log in with as defined in the main TM1 instance (in a control cube).



Hi @jtuckerman,

If there is an existing password I think it will attempt to use it, there is no special logic.