ApliqoUX security

How do I set up security for regular users to access ApliqoUX reports? At the same time they should not have access to admin side of the application.

I noticed, that some security assignments may be cleared out from }ElementSecurity_}APQ C3 Canvas View cube, after I set them up manually.

Hi @aeremenko

There are 2 cubes where you can enter the desired element security for the views:

  • }APQ C3 Canvas App Security Access
  • }APQ C3 Canvas View Security Access

Note: you don’t need to use }APQ C3 Canvas App Security Access. There are 2 configurations possible in the rules of }APQ C3 Canvas View Security Access which you can activate/deactivate by commenting or commenting sections to either inherit at App level and force down to leaf in the Views dimension or else have independent data entry in the Views cube.

Then there’s a process }APQ.C3.Security.Canvas.Update.LoadAccessRights which will read these cubes and apply the element security. Probably this process is part of a chore and is the reason why manually entered security is disappeared.

So all you should need to do is:

  1. put the elements in the }APQ C3 Security Groups dimension of the groups you want to manage
  2. maintain the security in the cube
  3. run the process