ApliqoUX - Crossdrill in second-widget's columns in two-widget view

Is cross-drilling fully supported in multi-widget ApliqoUX views?

Reason I ask is I have a two widget view, with both widgets on [FIN General Ledger] cube. First widget has months on columns. Second widget has Time Analysis element on columns.

When users right-click and “Drill down by…” on the rows of this view, the drilled dimension cross-joins in nicely on all columns from the first widget. However, it always just repeats values on columns from the second widget.

CFO is not liking this and I am trying to fix it for him and struggling. Is this simply a limitation of ApliqoUX itself? Or should I be able to have cross-drilling working on all columns?

Thanks in advance for any help!

PS: We are on ApliqoUX version 2023.05.

Hi @Epistemophile

I think it could be a bug in your version. I just tested cross-drill in UX release 2024.02 FP1 on both a view with multiple sub-views having different column dimensionality and in a dashboard with a combined widget having different column dimensions and the cross-drill returned the correct results in the inserted cross-drill query rows.

The latest FPM release is I believe 2024.01 FP1.

Thanks @cw-ch-scott for your quick response.

Could be my ApliqoUX version or could be to do with the widget definition. I’ve meant to do more testing to find out, but been held up. Will come back to this when / if I get a chance and post any updates if I find cause of issue and solution.