Apliqo UX Views - Hiding Row Dimensions


Is there a way to hide row dimensions in an Apliqo UX view? I potentially have a sparse cube cube in which I would like to stack the n levels of four dimensions on the rows and zero suppress to allow data entry. I would like to only show one of the dimensions (hide three of them). Is this an option in UX?

I don’t think we can hide rows atm.

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Not at the moment.
But the same trickery that you might use in an active form you could also use in a UX view. e.g. have a measure that simulates the just the combinations you want to make visible for data entry and populate this with TI or fed rule with value of 1 and make this single column the first sub-view. Then put the real data entry measures as a separate sub-view.
I think for the use case you are describing this should work. (except cosmetically no you also can’t hide your dummy column that is driving the null suppression).


It’s the dimension I want to hide, not the data. E.g. if it was Excel, I could just hide the columns with the elements names.

Hi @R.B
Yes I get it. I agree it is a valid enhancement. I can think of plenty of situations being able to hide row header columns would be useful.

Can you please log this as an enhancement request?