Apliqo UX v2.1 Widget Type Selection

Hi Guys,

Picked up the following on the latest version of UX when selecting the new Widget Type - the options seem to be there, but not visible?

oh dat weird.
Which browser?
Have you cleared the cache?

hi @cw-ch ,
Yip, a weird one!
Yes cleared the cache and checked with both Chrome and Firefox with the same behavior.
In the browser dev console not seeing any meaningful errors, appears to be just some log outs for troubleshooting/checking.
The widget type behavior from the existing Executive Dashboard Example as well as when creating a new dashboard.
Some Additional screenshots:

Do you have any solution for this issue? Yes after 3 years, the same problem :slight_smile:

This is not a problem on the current release 2021.07 FP2. The Widget selection UI was reworked in the 2020.11 release. The Widget Type selection is not done in the Settings dialog box as shown above. That field has been removed. It is now a drop-down list on the widget using more intuitive icons and tabs.

Yes I know that. But when I click on that list, nothing appears that is the problem. We did reinstall the apliqo and the problem is solved.