Apliqo UX: Removing lines from waterfall charts


Is it possible to remove the lines between the columns in the waterfall charts?


You can do so by adding in the following advanced options for the widget:

  "chartOptions": {
    "plotOptions": {
      "series": {
        "lineWidth": 0
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Hi @srichardson,

I’ve added that in but it doesn’t seem to change anything. I tried it in the demo model as well, and couldn’t get it to work.

I just reconfirmed that this works.
There are a few other settings that should have the same effect.

Basically you will need to set the lineWidth to 0 as there is no way to remove the dashed line… you can changed the dashed line to a different style but you can’t remove it.


I don’t know if you can use custom css in Apliqo, but I’ve removed the lines between -

(part highlighted is an inverted waterfall mixed with normal columns)


with this:

.highcharts-waterfall-series .highcharts-graph {
  stroke: transparent !important;
  stroke-dasharray: 0, 0;
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Yes, this should be possible via custom css.

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