Apliqo UX navigation from cell to wizard step


I’m attempting to use the navigation from a cell to take me to a specific step in a wizard. I can currently create a drill to achieve this from a numeric cell, but it doesn’t display the name of the wizard step.

I have the following in the advanced properties

  "targetView": [
      "view": "a19.z4.t2.v2",
      "viewType": "Wizard",
      "allowDrillFromCell": true,
      "showCellAsHyperlink": true

And this is the navigation option I have.

The other issue I have is that the hyperlinks don’t show / work for text cells.

Have I missed something in the settings?


Hello All,

Just resurrecting this old post as we have the same issue about the name not appearing for a navigation to a wizard step. We are on version 2023.10 FP2 and it still displays as “undefined”.

Has anyone found a solution for this?