Apliqo UX hangs when logging to a new webapp

Hi there,

I am working on Apliqo UX, testing the installation and configuration process. I have managed to get new web app up and running but I cannot seem to login to it. When I try to login, it accepts the credentials but then hangs (as if it is loading data). The default web app (Apliqo_Demo) I copied the folder from works just fine.

What am I missing?

UPDATE: The steps followed to replicate the new app:

  1. Copy/Paste the Apliqo_Demo folder and renamed it to, say CubewiseRecords
  2. Copy/Paste ContentStore TM1 instance and renamed it to UX_ContentStore1
  3. Updated the tm1s.cfg file (PortNumber, HTTPPortNumber)
  4. Updated the instance.json file to new restURI for both contentStore and CubewiseRecords instances.
  5. Started the UX_ContentStore1 TM1 instance as well as the CubewiseRecords TM1 instance
  6. Restarted Apliqo Application Server service and accessed the app via web browser

I can see the instances but when I logon, it hangs.

You probably are much better off to start with a completely fresh content store but have a look at the install and config guide