Apliqo UX - Changing Colour of Input Cells in Views

Is it possible to change the colour used for cells that can be updated in a view? If so, how?


Yes possible. Let me guess, you would like data entry WHITE and consolidated cells GREY?
@tganz can you please provide a snippet for configuring the data entry class?

Hi @R.B

you can add the following code on the ‘custom-style.scss’ file :

// handsontable overwrite input and read cells syle
// htDimmed class for read-only cells
.handsontable .htDimmed {
background-color: $color-pf-black-200 !important;

// input class for input cells
.handsontable .input {
background-color: white !important;

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Thanks. I had to make the change in Visual Studio Code with Gulp running for the change to be picked up. I then had to search for and copy the updated files to the server.


Is the code/fix above still relevant for the Aug2020 release? I’m trying to remove the default cell formatting for a view, in order to use custom formatting based on attribute.
The default being grey for input and white for rule-derived will confuse users.

Results of adding the custom column formatting seems to have inconsistent results:

Thanks in advance for help.

Figured out that colClass attribute does not work on measure dim.

we normally use “yellow” for input in our project, which is consistant with the previous TM1Web approach. here is the CSS need to be added (below). basically you can change the INPUT cell to any color you like.

/* Handsontable - Input Cell Color */
.handsontable td.input {background-color: #FFFFD0 !important;}

.handsontable.zebra tr:nth-child(even) td.zebra.input {background-color: #FFFFA0 !important;}
.handsontable.zebra tr:nth-child(odd) td.zebra.input {background-color: #FFFFD0 !important;}


I wouldn’t advise applying column/row formatting to overwrite the input cell color as this will require high maintenance and might not work in some cases.

Best to apply what @tganz and @lwang described.