Apliqo UX - Cells Formatted as Percentages Being Sent as Whole Numbers


I’ve formatted some elements to display as percentages, which displays fine as the elements are in the rows. However, when a value is typed in as 8% it is not accepted and if I enter it as 8 it is accepted, but then displayed as 800%. I have to enter it as 0.08. Is there a fix for this or am I doing something wrong?



I’m not sure what version of Canvas underlies UX, but the exact same issue was resolved in one of the recent releases of Canvas I believe.


This definitely sounds like a bug. Please raise a new issue.

Data entry and paste should accept formatted numbers.
We aren’t the first UI to have this as an issue. I can remember this also being a problem with TM1 Web :slight_smile:

@srichardson is this already fixed?

This issue has fixed and checked in.

I have somewhat similar issue.
In architect, I can see numbers properly formatted, based on the attribute.
In ApliqoUX, I have measures on filters. When I change them, the formatting isn’t being updated. However, if I nest measures on rows, all formatting will be applied correctly.

Hi @aeremenko ,

Yes, in ApliqoUX the element formatting is only applied for the dimensions on the rows and columns. The problem in my case is that I can’t type 8% or 8, I have to type 0.08.

Dear All,
Currently I have similar issue for one of our client.
When they type 0.033, aftera a second it appers correctly as 3.3% but after a while it changes to 3300%…What is more interesting is that it works like this only for some elements/rows. Please see attached screenshot.
Do you know how I can raise a ticket to https://bitbucket.org/apliqoc3ux/apq-c3-ux/issues?status=new&status=open? When I click on “Open” button nothing happens.

The UX issue forum on bitbucket is publically accessible but to raise a ticket you need to be signed in with an Atlassian account (anyone can create one). I think you can also log in to Atlassian via google account.

Thank you. I’ve just raised a ticket (issue #178)