Apliqo. mysterious Validator.exe


We’ve received the request from a security team about suspicious activities related to the Apliqo installation folder. There was executed cmd line which consists bin\validator.exe and conf\Licence.xml

What could be a reason for the execution of this type of command line? Is there some schedule for these tasks?

Windows Server 2019
Apliqo UX 2021.07 FP1

No need to worry.
This is how ApliqoUX and Canvas does its license validation.
License.xml is the license file and validator.exe is the executable used to verify the current license status.

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@srichardson thank you for your answer.

If it isn’t a commercial secret, could you share details about timing? Is it related to some schedule or to the user activities?

I believe it is run when starting the Apliqo Server and on user interaction with the server.

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