APLIQO Latest Version Upgrade

Hi All,

Good day, may I ask what Planning Analytics Local are supported in UX Version 2024.05 ?

Does it support/compatible with PAL version and PAL 2.1.x latest version of Planning Analytics Local?

Does it also support Cognos Analytics 11.0.xx, 11.1.xx, 11.2.xx and 12.0.xx latest version?

Lastly does UX Version 2024.05 is compatible in windows server 2016, 2019 and 2022?

Thank you.

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The Apliqo UX release notes contain a section detailing unsupported PA Local / TM1 Server versions. (including 2.1.x) are all OK to use with Apliqo 2024.05

Apliqo 2024.05 can run on any OS supporting tomcat 9, which all these Windows Server platforms do.

Cognos Analytics is only relevant for Apliqo in terms of user authentication to the TM1 instance. All of these CA versions are fine for Apliqo as long as they are compatible and working with the TM1 instance.

Thank you so much for the help!