Apliqo Decimal issue in the local server

Hi All,

In a client we use “.” as thousand separator and “,” as decimal separator. We changed default.js file and regional settings. And the problem is partially solved.

This is separator related settigs in default.js ;

const thousandsSep = '.';
const decimalPoint = ','; 
    'THOUSANDS_SEP': thousandsSep,
    'DECIMAL_POINT': decimalPoint,

The issue is we still have wrong format when we are connecting from the server but, the client have no problem with the formating. They saw the correct format and have no issue while copy and paste.

So we tried to change server’s regional settings as the same with clients machine. We restarted the server after each change. We cleaned the cache and used incognito pages. We tried to connect with the link instead of localhost. We did changed the browser language settings and so on.

Still we could not solve the separator issue for the local server. Any idea what causes this issue?