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I want to name a column by using $<<Model.Dimension.Hierarchy>>. However, the columns are added in Apliqo, they are not elements in a dimension. In settings, columns are in “columnData” tag not in “columnFormat” as in the picture below.

I want to use “Version1 - Version2” as column name.I changed “name”:“Inserted 8” to
“name”: “$<<Model.Dimension.Hierarchy>>” | “-” | “$<<Model.Dimension.Hierarchy>>” ,but it did not work. Is there a way to do that.



The advance settings needs to be a valid json. That means each variable as a single string value between double quotes. “name”: “$<<Model.Dimension.Hierarchy>>” | “-” | “$<<Model.Dimension.Hierarchy>>” has too many double quotes for the “name” variable.

Try: “name”: “$<<Model.Dimension.Hierarchy>> - $<<Model.Dimension.Hierarchy>>”

I tried that but it also did not work. Thanks for warning of json structure I had not realized that.

As the column header text is embedded withing the json string for the advance options I don’t believe that setting service variable substitution is accepted here. The inserted column name needs to be a hardcoded string value.

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In the Apliqo_Demo there is an example of using a place holder for the header of the calculated column. See: UX Samples / 2021 Feb Release / Formula and Formatting improvements. In the example the selected attribute on the filter bar appears as the header for the calculated column.

I was able to modify the example to something similar to your requirement.
“table”: {
“columnsMap”: [
“name”: “$<<UX_Demo.}ElementAttributes_Region.}ElementAttributes_Region>> - $<<UX_Demo.Account.Account-alias>>”
Note: The ‘-alias’ is to display the alias used in the dimension.


I stand happily corrected then. Wasn’t aware we had built variable substitution into text within the options json. It should only be a matter ot the correct syntax then to make it work for the OP’s requirements.

Currently used Apliqo UX version is one of the previous releases( than the one you mentioned. I think that is why it did not work in my case. Thank you.

That is now a very old version. YOU SHOULD UPGRADE.

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