and suddelny there is no connection anymore between pulse and tm1


it works fine a few weeks with pulse.

but one day of another i can’t connect anymore.

i can reach the pulse server from the tm1 server, and the other way around.

the monitor log:
2021-07-09 11:31:32.777 responseWrapper ERROR Invalid timestamp: 2021-07-09T11:32:51+0200

the pulse network log:

how can i fix that problem?

Hi @justaTM1Guy ,

We will need more information to troubleshoot your issue. You probably can’t share the log files on the forum as it is public so please create a new issue on the Pulse support platform and make your ticket confidential: Issues · Cubewise CODE / Pulse for TM1 · GitLab

Click the new issue button and then select the Bug template. The template will help you to fill all the information we need:



Hi @Vincent

thanks for the support!

Finally the pulse server and TM1 server system time was not in sync, about 1m20s apart.

keep both server system time in sync and it works again :slight_smile: