Always spinning when executed a long-lasting response time TI Process


I executed TI on UX via the widget, TI Process.
The TI spend 10mins on average.

When I executed the TI, then the widget showed below,

After 30mins, I checked the log on the server, I found the TI is finished.
And I need to refresh the browser to stop the waiting message.
The widget can not refresh the status when TI takes a very long time.

So I checked the developer mode on chrome, saw HTTP code 504, timeout.
I guess the ajax waited for a too long time, so cause the timeout.

Are there any settings to add time delays?
Or a solution to resolve it?


I think for a long running process this is a standard problem when using the rest API.

Ultimately the best option would be to have an advanced option in the widget to issue an async call and not wait for process completion and then have a “console popup” where the user could check the status of their processes. If you want to raise a ER for this please use the bitbucket issue list.

However, if you know the process is long running then I think it’s better not to design the UI to be waiting for it! :wink: You could have the process do some additional logging to a status cube and then have another widget check that cube if you want to give the user updates.