Add UX App to Multiple Menus?

Hello experts,

Is there any way that a UX App can appear in multiple UX drop down menus?

For example, we have several menu options in our UX solution and a user has asked if one of our apps can appear in both our ‘Financial’ and ‘Operational’ menu lists, is this possible?

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I don’t think that’s possible. You have to duplicate them in other parts of the menu.

Duplication is quite easy and if you worried about maintaining the changes, you can automate this with a TI process by recreating the target apps with the same ID.

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In the past, I have tried manually changing the content store dimension with:

DimensionElementComponentAdd(‘}APQ UX App’, ‘a8’, ‘a9.v13’,1)

It seems to be working for me but probably it may not be recommended to do this way :slight_smile:

No definitely do not do this!

This will work just fine in the view, menu or wizard where content has been copied. But if you then subsequently copy/duplicate/move items then all sorts of things could go wrong since the content store assumes each element has only a single parent and this relationship is encoded in the element IDs.

Duplicating an item is the way to do it.