Active Form, re-use the current element of the line



I’m creating a basic active form in Canvas 1.2.2. I would like to re-use the line current element name somewhere on the same line.

<tr ng-repeat="rowData in data.rows track by $index">
  <td tm1-ui-rpt-row-element="rowData" tm1-dimension="Department" ng-model="RowDept"></td>
  <td class="text-right">
	<tm1-ui-rpt-row-cell tm1-row-data="rowData" tm1-column-elements="Status"></tm1-ui-rpt-row-cell>             
	'Repeat the element name to use in a link.

I’ve been searching for some documentation around “tm1-ui-rpt-row-element”, also tried to define the ng-model on the current “td tm1-ui-rpt-row-element”, but it didn’t work.

Any idea?



Hi @jgrandry,

That should be similar to the result of element list. So to access the element for that row, the code will look like:

{{rowData['<dimension name here>'].key}}

So for the above, it should look like,




That was that easy!?!

Thanks it worked!