Access Pulse Database for reporting via Python

Has anyone tried to access Pulse DB from python library. We are trying to connect via psycopg2 but not able to. the DB opens fine with the browser via same username/password and port.

When we try via python it seems to error out

*import psycopg2*
  • conn=psycopg2.connect(database=“jdbc:h2:docs”, user = “reader”, password = “”, host = “xxxxx”,port=“xxxxx”)*

  • cur = conn.cursor()*

  • docs = cur.execute(‘Select * from Migrationpackage’)*

  • print(docs)*


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hi @shallabh.khera,

We have not tested python connectors to connect to the Database. are you using the H2 ODBC driver provided here:



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Apologies for a late response - we had been able to use ODBC connection and used pyodbc library :slight_smile:

Appreciate your support.

Hi @ecarmona

Some Qs:

  1. Further to this we are trying to build a check required by our audit team to confirm that the pro and rux changes deployed on TM1 have gone through Pulse package migration. we have found that if the dimension is included in package the Migrationpackage table has the data in “items” column but if package only contains process to be promoted the column “items” is empty {}

Before creating the package
- confirmed that instance configuration is correctly setup
- Run documentation for instance XYZ, completes successfully

Crate Package
- Select Source - Manual
- Select Instance - XYZ
- Import documentation - checked
- Check Process radio button - and select a process, create package
Nothing comes up in Items column in “MigrationPackage” table
- Include dimension and may or may not include process
Objects come up in Items column in “MigrationPackage” table

  1. We would also like to know how to retrieve Pulse DB password programmatically as we will be building postgreSQL ODBC connection via our automated build pipeline.

  2. Our current Ver of Pulse that we are using - 5.8.0 - would like to understand when(tentatively) can we expect release of ver 6.0 (even Beta would be helpful)

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@ecarmona @tryan - appreciate your inputs on above pt 1 & 2 with 2 I’d like to add - can we create a user account with our set pwd to retrieve information rather than relying on reader default user

Hi @shallabh.khera,

I am not sure what you are asking on point 1. For point 2 it would be possible to get the password using a HTTP request (requires authentication).

Pulse 6 is out you can download it here:

Thanks @tryan
pt3 received the update on Pulse 6 :slight_smile:

pt 2: - could you please share the steps/refer documentation how we can get the DB reader password via HTTP Request.

I’ll share a detailed note on pt1

Hi @shallabh.khera,

We don’t have documentation to get the password via a HTTP request as it isn’t really something we recommend or support. We can send you the current implementation offline but we won’t guarantee that it won’t change in future versions and break your code. My recommendation would be to use SQL Server or we could allow through configuration for H2 DB on the server to not use a custom (internal) password. What do you think of those two options?

Thanks @tryan - if you can send the current HTTP implementation. We’ll then implement in 5.8.x.

Our other recommendations as we will upgrade to 6.x in 6 months -

  • Upgrade to 6.x - we’ll first upgrade with H2DB so the approach to use the H2DB custom user/pwd would be helpful (assuming this would be in 6.x version)
  • Post Upgrade to 6.x - after stability - we’ll shift to SQL server.