11 tips to write TI's code faster with the Arc Process Editor

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The Arc Process Editor has many little gems that will make you write TI’s code way faster that you have ever done before with:

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@Vincent I wasn’t aware of the TextOutput shortcuts to automatically create a snippet on the fly to output parameters or variables. I would like to suggest an enhancement to this feature which would make it more useful.

There can be quite a lot of variables and so keeping track of which variable is in which position can be difficult. I thik it woudl be god to
EITHER create 2 lines; 1 for header which user can cut & paste between if test of record counter to just output once and 1 for the variable output
OR concatenate variable name and value with expand in the TestOutput

E.g. 1st option
TextOutput( ‘Debug.txt’, ‘V1’, ‘V2’, ‘V3’ );
TextOutput( ‘Debug.txt’, V1, V2, V3 );

E.g. 2nd option
TextOutput( ‘Debug.txt’, Expand(‘V1:%V1%’), Expand(‘V2:%V2%’), Expand(‘V3:%V3%’) );

There’s another benefit of using Expand which is that you can use it for numeric as well as string variables (it just represents numeric variables as decimal with 4 dp precision) so there’s no separate treatment of numeric vs string variables.

Good point @cw-ch!

That would be helpful if Arc could create the headers as well.

Could you please submit an enhancement request: https://support.cubewise.com/code/arc/issues