Windows Authentication with Pulse 5.7.3

Hi. I can see in the Pulse 5.7.3 release notes that you can now have windows authentication for logins. Can’t find anything in the PDF on how to set this up.

Is there a tutorial available on setting this up.


Hi @bknott,

The details to set it up are in the release notes:

Thanks @tryan got it working no issues.


Hi @tryan - do we need to setup each user who needs to see Pulse(for admins it is ok - tm1 team) but for end users - can we setup ACG groups with a list of business users and give that group access to PUBLIC group.

Hi @shallabh.khera,

Users will be setup automatically when they access Pulse for the first time and be added to the PUBLIC group. If they need extra permissions you can set them up manually or add them to a group after they have logged in.

Thanks @tryan I could check that the user got added in PUBLIC Group but with windows authentication on the newly added user is unable to see the threads or front page visuals - RAM, etc as well. Could you please suggest if i’m missing something somewhere that needs to be updated.

Hi @shallabh.khera it is more or less exactly what you need to do when setting up a TM1 server for CAM authentication for the first time.

  1. Shut down pulse, change the windows authentication to true in the config, restart pulse
  2. log on and have a few members of your team log on as well. This is to create the users
  3. Shut pulse down. Change the windows authentication back to false. Restart Pulse
  4. Log on as admin. Set the newly created windows users to be admin
  5. Repeat step 1. But this time you are in business.