What happened to the config settings plugin?

Maybe I’m imagining things but I don’t think so.
In an earlier version of Arc I’m sure there was a plugin to review (and EDIT) tm1s.cfg parameters which grouped parameters into families and also had descriptive text and whether the parameter was static or dynamic. The current “settings” plugin in 1.8.0 and 1.9.0beta is a very poor cousin to what was there before. Is it possible to have the old version back?


Well my1.9.0beta installs look like this.

1.8.0 looks the same except no “time management”.

No sign of tm1s config settings except for what’s in “settings”. I also don’t see a configuration plugin on https://code.cubewise.com/arc-plugins or https://github.com/cubewise-code/arc-plugins

The configurations isn’t hosted in the plugins repository, it is included in Arc. You need to be on 11.4.0 or later to use the configuration, the REST API had a bug in prior versions meaning the settings weren’t updated.

That’s it. I’m pretty lazy about updating PA on my laptop whihc still has 11.3. On the dev server where we have 11.6 configurations is there under administration.