UX tracking in Pulse

Is there a way to track the UX pages in Pulse similar to what we could do with Canvas ?

Each screen has a “base URL” but Apliqo UX regististers the context of all filters as part of the URL. This causes issues for Pulse monitoring as each URL is seen as unique (and the URLs are pretty long too). So without extra work to clean up and categorize the URLs you wouldn’t get anything meaningful in the Pulse activity log.

However, from the latest version we are capturing usage statistics internally in the application using the base page IDs.

Note taken to prepare a tutorial showing how to use this new feature. Probably in the next release we will also include a built in admin app to provide some reporting as well.

Hmmm…I am kinda agreeing with @dsauren, Pulse should somehow capture some logs too as that is meaningful from TM1 overall usage analysis.

Maybe Pulse can create some API to let UX interface some stats to show in Pulse?

As an update this feature is now part of UX as of the 2.5.2 release.

(Not part of Pulse logging but captured internally by the Apliqo UX content store).

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