UX screen refresh/reload behavior while in Edit Mode

I have noticed that while building in Edit Mode, UX very frequently refreshes/reloads views/widgets (while there are outstanding commits) even when there are seemingly no incremental edits being done.

Specifically, if we are in Edit mode (w/o outstanding changes to “Save”), going into Cube Settings or Adv Options does not automatically trigger a refresh of a page upon closing out of the settings pop-up (assuming no changes are made). This behavior is ideal since in the event of no changes, there wouldn’t be any need to refresh.

However, if there are any outstanding changes (i.e., with the “Save/Discard” option), closing out of the setting pop-up will always trigger a refresh of the page. This happens even when no “incremental” changes are made in Cube Settings (e.g., if you just want to check how the widget is configured). This behavior is not ideal on pages with many widgets since each refresh can take a few extra seconds.

I was curious whether this behavior is due to how UX detects a state change (i.e., when any modification has been done)? Perhaps there isn’t an easy way to detect “incremental” changes, only whether a page is in the “unedited” or “edited” state. If that’s the case, are there any options to temporarily disable this auto-refresh/reload behavior?