UX Install Fails

I try to put UX on top of a POC model but struggle even with the first step. Copied the App folder into UX, modified the json, restated Canvas, but now have the initial page without any content and errors in the debug window.


What are the placed I should check next ?

The errors show that files in the API folder are missing, but there is no API folder in the root of the application.

Forgot to mention, that the UX components were also added to the application folder and the settings have been changed for my machine and model.

Hi @dsauren

can you change the instance name to “c3” instaed of “UX” and try again ?


Changed, restarted Canvas.

Now i get error 500 - Internal Server Error for the same error I had before.

@tganz: thanks for call. Here the solution for everyone.

When using use SSL in the tm1s.cfg


the Rest URI in the instances.json has to be HTTPS.


What is the proper way to install Apliqo UX when there is Apliqode in place?

If the instance already has apliqode framework installed and running then you need to merge the additional objects from the “UX PoC” model. These will be…

  • All cubes with prefix }APQ C3 Canvas …
  • All processes with prefix }APQ.C3 or }APQ.UX

There is a separate UX PoC model for TM1 10.2.2 vs 11.
If on v11 then you also need to replace the cube }APQ Picklist Dimension with the one from the PoC model to use the old format of using }APQ Dimensions not }APQ Dimension Hierarchies.