UX Cookie and Cookie Management

Hi there,

We have detected UX is currently using a number of cookies, does anyone know the purpose and the expiry policy of each cookie?

Below are those that I have found so far:



This doesn’t answer your question, but we were facing UX timeout issues after upgrading to 2021.11. Users weren’t automatically being logged out due to inactivity, which led to CAM gateway redirect issues. The only workaround was for users to clear their cookies before revisting the login page. The UX team was able to quickly turnaround a fix pack, which is working well for us! :smiley:

APPBASESESSIONID is the session cookie. This is created and managed by the web server.

UX_SESSIONEXPIRY, UX_SERVERTIME, UX_CLIENTTIMEOFFSET are cookies that improve the session timeout experience of Apliqo UX. They allow for the warning that the session will expire shortly and they also allow for the page to be redirected to the login page once the session has expired. They don’t change whether a session is expired or not, they just help redirect to the login page when the session has expired.

All of the cookies will then expire at the end of session (ie, when you close the browser).