Unable to migrate a dimension

We are having issues migrating Dimensions when there is a high number of elements.

As per the bellow screenshot, we are unable to check the ‘Include elements’ box in ‘Dimension Source Level’ screen.
This forces us to do the migration manually, is there a work around for this issue?

If you want to migrate dimension with more than 5,000 elements you can update the parameter MaximumElements in Pulse.cfg. In the screenshot we can see that the value is still 5,000.
More information in the following Help section:

WARNING: Increasing the value may cause Pulse to run out of memory if it is a very large value so use with caution.

If the dimension has more elements than the MaximumElements value, when you migrate this dimension from a source instance to a target instance, the dimension will be created in the target instance without any elements, then to populate the dimension, you can run a TI at the end of a migration package:

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To add to Vincent’s point above you should migrate manually maintained dimensions using Pulse. Given there are over 15k elements in each of those dimensions they should be loaded from the source system.